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Since our body is a temple and not a castle, the same law of nature that governs all things should apply to our health. The way we treat our body will determine its overall health. If we put our body through any sort of stress, it will be adversely affected and it will be unhealthy. Stress is a form of illness, an illness that impacts our entire body.

Even an ailment in the most stressful state can create psychological stress in many cases. It makes us feel inadequate and weak. We believe we are not strong enough to handle this stress and so we resort to drastic measures. We eat more or we take more pain killers. The more we do, the worse we feel. We can even turn to drug abuse in some cases. This means we are in a constant state of mental illness, a state of mind we call ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder.

Why are we in a stressful state? Well, the main reason is that we’ve all gotten our bodies in a fighting condition. Through constant exercise and training and through the eating habits that were given to us we’ve all been pushing our bodies to the limit. But this is not the only reason. Stressors like work, financial, emotional, love, and the demands of society are also reasons why the body gets in a fight and loses.

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